Concrete :Leveling Overland Park, KS

Don't Take a Risk on Your Foundation

Get professional sinking concrete repair with mudjacking services in Mission, KS

As your land shifts and settles over time, your driveway, patio or foundation can crack and become uneven. Control Concrete, LLC in Mission, KS offers professional sunken concrete repair services. We can take sunken or uneven concrete surfaces and restore them to their original condition using a technique called mudjacking.

Trust our professionals to fill and seal your concrete and get your home back on solid ground. Contact us in Mission, KS to learn more about our mudjacking services today; call 913-800-1483.

Level out your foundation easily

Mudjacking is a fairly straightforward process that can quickly take care of your cracked concrete. Our three-step process includes:


  1. Drilling holes - We’ll drill small holes in your uneven slab surface to gain access to the earth underneath.
  2. Lifting the concrete - A dense mixture of slurry is pumped into the holes to lift the uneven slab.
  3. Sealing the slab - We’ll apply a thick layer of waterproof sealant to cover the holes and seal your foundation.



See how our sunken concrete repair service can solve your foundation problems. We happily serve the greater Overland Park and Kansas City communities.