mudjacking mission ks

Mudjacking is a common technique for raising and stabilizing settled concrete slabs. Mudjacking is extremely effective and also provides you long-lasting results. At Control Concrete, LLC, our process is simple. We drill a 1 inch hole in various locations of the concrete slab, and then slowly inject a lightweight cement mixture to help raise the concrete back up to its original installation height. We also patch any notable holes, and our cleaning process is second to none. After we are done mudjacking, it will be as if the problem was never there in the first place! Speak with the professional mudjackers in Mission, KS by calling 913-800-1483 today!

Reasons that concrete would sink

Have you noticed any of these things happening to your concrete? Call the mudjacking professionals in Mission, KS if:

  • You notice compaction in your concrete
  • Your concrete is old
  • If there was an error in your initial concrete installation
  • There is water run off
  • You notice new cracks in your concrete