Void Filling

void filling mission ks

Have you noticed cracks in your concrete? When the concrete does not have the support of the soil that it is laying on, it can sink, crack, or collapse all together into a void. Void filling the a process in which foam is injected underneath the concrete into the void below to prevent it from sinking. At Control Concrete, LLC, our void filling experts go will either drill a hole, or go in from the side of the concrete if there is an access point and fill it up entirely so that it provides adequate support for the weight of the concrete slab. Void filling is a cost-effective way to fix your concrete. Don't let broken or sunken concrete hurt your houses curb appeal. Call 913-800-1483 today to speak with one of our void filling experts!

6 step process

Step 1: Identify the Void

Step 2: Determine Injection Holes

Step 3: Locate Holes for Air Relief

Step 4: Prepare Holes for Injection

Step 5: Fill Void Area

Step 6: Remove Ports & Protect